Almond brittle


- 200 g granulated sugar
- 60 g water
- 180 g almonds.


• Put the water and sugar in the Wok and heat until the mixture turns a light golden colour.
• Toast the almonds in the oven at 200°C on a sheet of greaseproof paper, then add them to the caramel while still warm.
• Mix with an odourless wooden spoon for 1/2 a minute
remove from the heat and continue to stir.
• Pour the mixture onto a slab of marble (greased with odourless oil) or a sheet of greaseproof paper
use a wooden spoon to flatten the brittle as much as possible.
• Leave to cool slightly, scoring with a large knife. Break into pieces.

Püf noktası: for a softer brittle, add 60 g glucose, which is available in chemist’s shops.

Almond brittle





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