Vanilla cream caramel


- 3 eggs
- 1 egg yolk
- 80 g sugar
- 400 g milk
- 100 g sugar.


• Lightly grease the edges of each mould with butter.
• Place the following in a small pan (in unsoldered copper, if possible or steel with a thick bottom): 100 g sugar and two tablespoons of water. Heat the mixture until it turns golden brown. Pour it into the moulds, turning them so that the sides are covered in caramel.
• Bring the milk to the boil, together with a vanilla pod (scored lengthways).
• Beat together the eggs and sugar, then slowly add the boiling milk.
• Divide the mixture between the moulds. Cover with foil (or greaseproof paper) and place in the Steamer. Cook for around 30-40 minutes (according to the size of the moulds).
• Chill in the fridge, then turn onto small plates and serve.

Püf noktası: this is one of the least rich versions of the many types of baked custard.; To make it creamier and more substantial, it is possible to add one or two egg yolks; these will make the mixture softer, while egg whites will tend to make it more solid.; To check cooking, insert a skewer into the custard, which is ready if the skewer comes out clean.

Vanilla cream caramel





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