"Renaissance" salmon…


- 4 slices of salmon
- 80 gr. fresh cream
- ½ glass dry white wine
- 150 gr. fish fumet, made with fish bones, fish heads, onion, celery, carrot, bouquet garni (bay leaf, sprigs of parsley, thyme), peppercorns, extra-virgin olive oil, chives, lemon
- salt and pepper


Season the vegetables and bouquet garni in a little oil in a casserole, add the fish bones and a few peppercorns, and cook for about ten minutes. Pour in half a litre of hot water, skim the broth and cook for 30 minutes, and then strain.
Put the fumet, the cream and the white wine into another casserole and let it thicken, adding a few drops of lemon.
Heat up a 26-cm Cosmos pan, pour in 2 spoonfuls of oil and add the slices of salmon.
Cook on a high flame for 2 minutes per side, add salt and pepper, and serve with the sauce when it has reached the right density, adding some chives cut up finely with scissors.





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