Veal shank in sauce


- 1 veal shank (1.5 kg)
- 100 g smoked bacon in a single thick slice, cut into strips
- 1 onion - garlic
- potato starch
- dry white wine
- extra virgin olive oil
- nutmeg
- salt, pepper.


• Wash and dry the shank and skewer it with the smoked bacon.
• Heat the Cocotte pan. Pour in six tablespoons of oil, and brown the shank to an even colour all over.
• Finely chop the onion and add it to the meat, together with a clove of garlic. Pour in two warm glasses of white wine. Leave to evaporate and add some grated nutmeg.
• Cover with the lid and cook over a low heat for around 2 hours, adding a little warm stock so that there is always 2 cm of juice on the bottom of the pan.
• Remove the shank from the Cocotte and keep it in a warm place.
• Thicken the sauce with a teaspoon of potato starch dissolved in half a glass of cold water. Add salt and pepper as required.
• Take the shank to the table and carve it parallel to the bone.
• Serve with the hot sauce.

Püf noktası: while cooking, always add warm liquids to hot dishes and cold liquids to cold dishes





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